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Salwar Kameez:

Salwar Kameez is a traditional dress in India and Pakistan. Salwar Kameez suit is the national dress  of Pakistan. Salwar kameez is called shalwar kameez in Pakistan.


SALWAR: Salwar is a sort of loose pajama like trouser. The legs are wide at the top, and narrow at the bottom. There is a drawstring at the top of the waistband to hold up the shalwar. The pants can be wide and baggy, or they can be cut quite narrow, on the bias. In the latter case, they are known as churidar pajama.

KAMEEZ: The kameez, in salwar kameez suit, is a long shirt. The side seams are left open below the navel, which gives the wearer greater freedom of movement. The word kameez is derived from the Latin camisia (shirt or tunic), from which it probably made its way into various European languages (see chemise) and also into Arabic, the likely immediate source for kameez. The kameez is usually cut straight, but slightly bent in the waist area.

: Women wear a long scarf or shawl with Pakistani salwar kameez called a dupatta around the head or neck. For Muslim women, the dupatta is an alternate to scarves. The dupatta is useful when the head must be covered, for hijab or for prayers.

For most women, the dupatta is simply a stylish accessory that can be worn over one shoulder or draped around the chest and over both shoulders. Online Indian salwar kameez is popular in USA and UK as well.



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Why should you wear Salwar Kameez?

There are many reasons for wearing shalwar kameez. Some of them are given below:

It is Comfortable
: Most of the women would admit that Pakistani salwar kameez dress is probably the most comfortable dress around.  Salwar kameez fits you without teasing you. You can breathe easy in it.

It is Versatile: The salwar kameez suit is good in any weather condition. Granted, a shawl or sweater are required in cold weather. Salwar Kameez helps keep cool on those hot sweltering days as it doesn't cling to the body.

It is Elegant: The salwar kameez dress is an elegant dress. It looks graceful on any body type. That is why it is most popular dress in Indian subcontinent.

Easily Available: There is definitely no shortage of Indian salwar kameez vendors out there! On top of that, the availability of designs is mind-boggling! There are countless designs of online salwar kameez clothing and materials to choose from. You can never go wrong with it since online salwar kameez suits all occasions. There are casual, formal, Indo-Western, sleeveless, and multitude of other variations for every occasion.

Fit all Sizes
: The salwar kameez suit is one outfit which will bring out the best in you no matter what your vital statistics. A loose Indian Dress is the perfect camouflage for those extra layers and vertical prints produce a slimming effect. A small bust can be enhanced by embroidery at the neck or other embellishments such as wooden buttons, beads or bright yokes.

Casual Salwar Kameez

The casual salwar kameez are very comfortable, ideal for the long hot Indian summer.  Online casual salwar kameez is available in designs ranging from ethnic to traditional, to modern prints, in a wide range of fabrics. Women of all sizes can wear these outfits with confidence, knowing they will turn heads everywhere they go.   

Formal Salwar Kameez:

Indian formal salwar kameez dresses are unique in designs and have heavy hand embroidery with zardozi, dabka, sequins, beads, tilla, diamantes work etc. These online formal Indian dresses are worn on functions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other such get together. Indian Party wear salwar kameez suits come in many different styles. People prefer Party wear salwar kameez in silk, satin, crepe and georgette fabric embroidered with as many as eighty panels with ornate embroidery and mirror work.  

Semi Formal Salwar Kameez:

The semi-formal salwar kameez clothes are worn on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, going for shopping, going for outing and other such regular get together.  Indian/Pakistan semi-formal salwar kameez for an outing is required to be exquisite and complete. Fabrics used on semi-formal salwar kammez include chiffon, georgette, cotton and silk. 


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